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Restaurant Taller de Mar

Taller de Mar

The restaurant Taller de Mar is located in the fashionable nightlife district of Santa Catalina in Plama de Mallorca.

The ambience of the restaurant is very modern thanks to the open kitchen, but still warm and confortable, so that you get the impression of not beeing longer on Mallorca, but rather in a world metropolios. 

As the name already suggests, the kitchen of the "Workshop of the sea" is designed more for fish, but also provides excellent meat and pasta dishes.

I recommend each guest to try the 5-course tasting menu, which is recreated weekly by owner Riccardo Di Loreto and chef Francesco Giorgio.

It is since its opening in 2017 one of my absolute favorites for upscale and fancy food in Palma de Mallorca.

Taller de Mar | Calle Cotones 54 | 07013 Palma de Mallorca | Tel. +34 971 289 375

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